Anthony L. Arsta

Portfolio Manager

Anthony Arsta on Money Life Radio

Portfolio Manager Anthony Arsta discussed emerging markets, investment methods, and more on Money Life Radio.

“I would caution anyone who is using a passive vehicle to make sure they know what’s in it. Both in terms of the country and in terms of industry.”

Chuck Jaffe is a senior columnist for MarketWatch and the host of the Money Life radio show and podcast. He recently asked Motley Fool Asset Management Portfolio Manager Anthony Arsta to join him on this show and talk emerging markets.

The two covered a lot of ground, discussing:

  • Trade tensions
  • Profit expectations within the emerging market sector
  • Where China fits in the emerging market space
  • How we at MFAM examine companies 

To listen to the podcast, click here. The interview starts at the 17:50 mark. You can also follow Jaffe on Twitter.

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